Excellent results guaranteed with comprehensive facial treatment selections. We use the latest technology while embracing Natural Therapies where the true health and lasting beauty are found.

  • Divine Clear Skin
    A highly effective treatment that helps unclog the pores, helps to improve the appearance of oily and acne prone skin. It also helps in mitigating blemishes
    -» $50.00

  • Divine Express Facial
    Basic skin treatment for all skin types. (45min.)
    -» $35.00

  • Divine Deep cleanse
    Designed to lift and remove impurities. (1hour.)
    -» $50.00

  • Deep Cleanse & Desincrustation
    Helps cleanse overactive and problem skin. (1+1/4 hours.)
    -» $55.00

  • Divine Energising Facial Treatment
    Stress relieving facial designed for dehydrated skin. (1+1/4 hours.)
    -» $45.00

  • Divine Deluxe Facial
    A heavenly stress relieving treatment. (1+1/2 hours.)
    -» $60.00

  • Divine Intensive Facial Treatment
    For all skin types, to beautify the skin, includes enzyme peel and ampoule. (1+1/2 hours.)
    -» $65.00
  • Mini lift
    An anti-aging treatment to tone, lift and minimise fine lines.
    -» $45.00

  • Fruit Acid Peels
    Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane. Suitable for acne, sun damaged and pigmented mature skin.
    Single Treatment - $40.00
    -» Six Treatments - $180.00

  • Collagen With Ginkgo- Bloba
    It is a Chinese herbal extract (a free radical scavenger &skin ageing retardant) pure freeze dried sheets.
    Single treatment - $65.00
    -» Five Treatments - $280.00

  • Non Surgical Face Lift
    A medically advanced technique to lift and tone up skin, sooths, minimises lines & hydrates skin.
    -» Single Treatment - $80.00
    -» Five Treatments - $320.00

  • Micro Dermabrasion
    An excellent treatment to treat fine lines, sun damaged skin, acne scars , chloasma, and post-surgical scars. Our high quality treatment offers so much more than standard peeling treatments, leaving the skin smooth and fresh promoting new skin & collagen growth
    -» $80.00

  • Ultrasonic Delivery System
    Delivering intense transdermal delivery of active ingredients to effectively treat skin conditions
    -» $80.00

  • Collagen Eye Treatment
    -» $30.00

  • Collagen Neck Treatment
    -» $30.00 
  • Divine Care Eye Treatment -»  $25.00
  • Other Add On -» POA

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