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Shanie S.K. Ruprai

Bsc,   F.M.A.P.A.A.

Benevolent Leader, Innovator, Mentor , Magnificent and Ambitious describe Shanie Ruprai. Divine care is the brain child of her 20 years dedication, innovation, research and motivation. Her vision was to break through the jigsaw puzzle of the beauty care products to present to the world a gift of exotic blend of ancient herbs coupled with ultra modern science and technology to maintain self confidence and pride through effortless beauty treatments. Her 20 years search and journey included constant day to day challenges, changing environment impact of stress in the modern world we live in.

Divine Care exclusive products have been produced after extensive trials and have been formulated on the basis of 5000 years old ancient science of Ayurveda, recipes and ultra modern technology that adds a new dimension to progressive beauty and skin care to suit all skin types.

Beauty care is one of Shanie's passion and Divine Care products are nature's treasure trove to healthy skin. These products are crafted and engineered to protect you from the negatives of the harsh modern environment.

Shanie has delivered many lectures on beauty and skin care internationally. She facilitates professional training in the beauty profession.

Everything you want in the beauty care is now as close as your thoughts and intentions by using Divine Care Products. Stretch your awareness and maintain the power of your beauty. When you think of beauty think of Divine Care. Experience the paradise of Divine Care for excellence in natural beauty.







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