Great looks begin with Divine Care Products. Divine Care signature Treatments help you enhance your natural beauty & regain your youthful freshness. Excellent results guaranteed with Divine Care Signature Treatments.

  • This is a very popular facial used by celebrities all around the world. It counters problems related to cellular skin damage and helps the self-healing of the skin.


    All skin types and textures
    -» Single Tratment - $110
    -» Five Treatments - $500.00

  • SEDAPLANT is a compendium of plant hormones that stimulate the structure and properties of the skin fibres Elastin and Collagen, which gives firmness and elasticity to the skin. These concentrated oxy-enriched plant extracts give extra hydration to skin’s deeper layers resulting in a “ironing out action.” The final result is a firmer, resistant skin texture.

    -» Single Treatment - $110
    -» Five Treatments - $500.00

  • Divine Flawless Skin
  • Flawless skin Treatment helps to improve the appearance of the skin that suffers from freckles, discolouration & all types of pigmentation.
    It nourishes, revitalize & rejuvenate the skin.

    Single Treatment......$110.00
    Five Treatments.......$500.00

  • Divine Antioxidant Treatment
  • Divine Care Antioxidant treatment Purifies & detoxifies for healthy skin & bright complexion. This treatment balances the skin function.  Powerful ingredients provide bloom & brilliance to the complexion.

    Single Treatment..........$110.00
    Five treatments...............$500.00

  • Divine Radiance Treatment
  • Divine Care Radiance treatment Stimulates collagen formation to help even out the age lines. An excellent treatment to detoxify, restore Skin Moisture & Ultra Radiant Complexion.

    Single Treatment..........$110.00
    Five treatments...............$500.00

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