• Medically based skin treatments to treat all common skin conditions, including Acne, Uneven skin tones, sun-damaged skin complexions and as preparation for laser resurfacing, and pre/post operative treatments. Professional peels
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Laser Treatment



  • Hair Removal
    "Be hair free" with permanent hair reduction treatments. Extremely effective hair removal treatments for the face, under arms, bikini, legs and body hair.

    How does it work?
    PTF light penetrates through the epidermis. Melanin in hair follicles absorbs the light, which in turn produces photo-thermal function.
    The temperature of the hair follicle will be enhanced quickly. Melanin in the hair follicle is then coagulated and in turn the hair follicle dies.

    Upper lip $65 or 4/$250
    Sideburns $100 or 4/$300
    Chin $70 or 4/$210
    Jaw-line $70 or 4/$210
    Lower Jaw $70 or 4/$210

    Standard Bikini $115 or 4/$345
    Brazillian  $150 or 4/$450
    Underarms $120 or 4/$360
    Stomach trail from $100 or 4/$300
    1/2 Arms $175 or 4/$525
    Full arms $300 or 4/$900
    Toes $65 or 4/$200
    1/2 Legs (lower) - $300 or 4/$900
    full Legs $600 or 4/$1800

  • Skin rejuvenation
    Eliminate fine lines, shrink pores and improve skin tone, skin texture and elasticity.

    How does it work?
    PTF light stimulates the fibroblast cells to produce new collagen protein and elastic fibres, returning elasticity to the skin. At the same time, photo-thermal function produced by PTF accelerates the microcirculation of blood vessels, resulting in the diminishing of wrinkles and shrinking of enlarged pores.

    Full face $250 or 5/$1000
    Half face $200 or 5/$800

  • Pigmentation treatment
    Lighten spots, such as age spots, freckles, pigmentation etc.

    How does it work?
    PTF light penetrates deep into the epidermis being highly selective by absorbing into the pigment group and hemoglobin, and then is transformed into heat energy.

    Pigmentation is decomposed which is eventually restores and tones the skin within 4-6 weeks. This treatment is very successful cans causes to harm to the surrounding skin.

    Lip or nose $100 or 4/$300
    Forehand or Face sides $140 or 4/$420
    Decolletage $200 or 4/$600

  • Vascular treatment
    Treat broken capillaries, thread veins on the legs, rosacea, red vascellum etc.

    How does it work?
    PTF light penetrayes the sking and is absorbed by the pigment group and capillary vessels in focus tissues. These vessels are coagulated immediately. Treatment is left for approximately 4-6 weeks before second treatment giving tim for coagulated blood to break down and disperse through the lympathic system.

    1-3 spots $100 or 4/$300
    3-5 spots $160 or 4/$480
    5-10 spots $200 or 4/$600

  • Acne clearance
    Treat inflammatory and non-inflammatory acnes such as papule and custic with outstanding results and skin repair.

    Acne Clearance -» $160
    5 sessions $64

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