• Aromatherapy
    -» $10.00

  • Fruit Acid Peels
    -» $10

  • Acne Clearance- 12 Weeks Naturopathic program
  • The Naturopathic treatment for acne focuses on preventing future flare-ups and breakouts, heal scars & skin, and of course optimise health through diet & lifestyle.
  • By treating your acne with natural therapies, you can significantly improve your long term health as well. Call us for more info.
  •  Radiant Skin- 12 weeks Naturopathic program for Brides & Grooms
  •  Enhance your natural beauty & regain your youthful freshness. An excellent program to detoxify, restore Skin Moisture & Ultra Radiant Complexion. 
    Excellent results guaranteed with Divine Care Naturopathic customised 12 weeks program.
    -» P.O.A

  • Day-Spa Pampering packages

    Renew & relax with these Pampering Packages. Let our Caring Therapists fuss over you for a morning or afternoon. If you want to Super Spoil your loved one or a special friend we can provide a Skin Care Gift Pack.

  • Divine Care Instant Radiance

    Start with Divine Express facial, Eyebrows shaping then followed by an eyelash tint-for an instant radiance.

    -» 1hour - $55

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